There are no draw backs to doing a first look actually its very advantageous. Below are a few reasons why I recommend a 1st look.

First of all lets define what a first look is.  A first look is the moment you see each other on your wedding day.  The concept has becoming very popular amoungst bride and grooms and here are 5 reasons why.

  1. Enjoy Cocktail Hour – Groom’s will appreciate this if you get all your family and couple portraits done before the ceremony you can spend more time with your guests during cocktail hour.
  2. On Time Ceremony – If you are planning a first look chances are you will have padding in your wedding day schedule for family and candid photos to be taken before the ceremony. Often this also creates an added advantage giving you a chance to relax, unwind or touch up before the ceremony.
  3. More Beautiful Content – Cinematically speaking the revel is a powerful story element. An intimate setting that helps drive your love story.
  4. Available Light – If your having an evening, nighttime or winter wedding it’s a must if you want family and candid photos in the natural light.
  5. Doesn’t take away from the processional – Groom will still cry like babies when they see their bride being walked down the aisle by their father. The only difference this time is it’s in front of all your guests.

See an example in the begin of Michelle + Adams Wedding at Ruby Hills Golf Club in Pleasanton CA, below. Keep in mind the first look is just a suggestion if it doesn’t align with your wedding plan please disregard.  I don’t want to change the vision of your day.


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