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Commemorate your event with a video that captures the feeling and emotion of all the special moments.  Memorial celebrations, music concerts, fundraisers, charitable causes, monumental milestones, corporate events & more – raise awareness, achieve and let your event live forever with a video from Fresh Wedding Cinematography.

Serving Northern California: The Sierras to San Francisco & Beyond 

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Watch Lira Clinical’s Skincare Affair National Tour – Sacramento Workshop. To view other tour dates and learn more visit www.livelovelira.com

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Instagram was designed as a mobile platform, and the app still remains that way today. It is designed for you to shoot and edit everything on your phone. However, many video producers and advertisers want to create original content with a traditional camera setup and video edit. This allows us to capture the best footage, control the audio, and even add graphics. My Instagram 60 sec videos are a great social promotional tool often used in conjunction with giveaways, teasers and other social marketing campaigns to attract new clients & business.

Advertise and Promote your Event:
All Instagram edits are 60 seconds in the 1:1 ratio.

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What can I do for You?

I’m passionate about people and storytelling. I love the unique, out of the ordinary and dramatic elements of couples, individuals and life itself. When you choose me as your videographer I take time to get to know you, your business or event. I listen to your wants and needs and together help form a creative approach to every project. After all it’s my goal to produce a memorable and lasting product that will have people talking…”That’s FRESH!”



Check my availability

Lets negotiate a package that satisfies your needs and budget.

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