In the age of social media and Pintrest couples are getting more and more creative when it comes to the details at their wedding.

From the presentation of their guestbook to table assignment placards even their photography choices are getting more and more unique.  It’s apparent countless hours of creative vision go into planning a wedding day nowadays. The same should be for wedding video. I consider the term “wedding videographer “ to mean a person that documents a wedding with video. I.e. (They shoot all the wedding rituals and details and package it all together with music, etc. Probably using the same formula or workflow for every couple.)


Fact is, although some activities at weddings are very similar the people and personalities are anything but. Although when I watch wedding films all I see is happy faces doing the same stuff I seen in the previous video. What’s missing in these films? Why do they seem eerily similar, dare I say cookie cutter? It could be as simple of an answer as the approach. Careful planning on how you will incorporate you and your personality into your wedding film is just as important as all the other personal touches. I think that a unique and cinematic wedding film should consist of around 80% personality and 20% wedding.

I predict that in the not so distant future wedding videos will be more like lifestyle films…with a wedding at the end.