I’m Mary Maisey-Ireland. As a wedding officiant in the Black Hills, I get to lead all kinds of weddings all year round, and I especially enjoy biker weddings during the Sturgis Rally.


Rally wedding couples give themselves a lot of permission to have the wedding that feels just right to them. And that’s exactly why I got started as an officiant. One too many “cookie cutter” weddings, including my own!

I love creating and leading one-of-a-kind ceremonies that reflect the values, beliefs and personalities of the people getting married.

When we work together, I guide you through the entire process, sharing ideas, options, and special touches for every part of your ceremony. All you need to do is to tell me what you like and what you don’t like. Between us, we’ll create something that’s memorable, meaningful and joyful – and 100% you!

Combining your wedding with your honeymoon has its benefits, including the perfect excuse to come back to the Rally, year after year, to celebrate your anniversary!

Your wedding, your way. During the Rally. Nothing cheesy. No canned scripts. No preaching. Instead, it’s a just-right mix of your personalities and your promises in gorgeous settings near the biggest biker rally in the world!

Sound good? Give me a call or send me an email to learn more or to check out my availability.

Already married? Me too! And I would choose him again in a heartbeat. Celebrate with a custom vow renewal, then honeymoon all over again!

Heartfelt thanks to all the beautiful, endearing, amazing couples I’ve had the privilege to marry over the years!

And to:
Brian Winckel
Laura Catron at Studio-LB
Bruce Junek & Tass Thacker at Images of the World
Dick Willis at Black Hills Photo
Kam’s Photography
Poetic Images by Deanna
Ryan Becker Photography
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Sarah Peterson at Signature Portraits

All photos used with the permission of the couples and their photographers.
“Perfect Kiss” by Marie Hines, licensed from musicbed.com