This is a marketing video featuring Ethan Anderson, emerging artist at Visionary Ink.  See what makes this talented artist tick. 

Ethan Anderson- Emerging Artist at Visionary Ink

Ethan’s marketing  video was the 2nd in a three part artist profile series at Visionary Ink, prominent Tattoo Shop in Rapid City, South Dakota.  I could have shot each video back to back; same back drop and lighting, simple, right? BORE–RING  Instead I approached this series how I observed it, three completely unique artists working under the same roof.  A collection, if you will, each having their own style, personalities and quite possibly appealing to clients differently.  Because Ethan is young and aspires to be a more expansive prolific artist we decided our focus should be on  his “art” with tattoo being the medium he is working in currently.  Also to make his piece stand on its own we decided his interview should be shot at his home studio rather the tattoo shop.  From on look at his work station in his home I was blown away. I could tell right away he was a “nerd” at perfecting his art.

God has blessed him with gifts.Behind the scenes setting up lighting and camera

Check out the interview and take a glimpse in the mind (and workspace ) of Ethan Anderson, prolific tattoo artist, from Visionary Ink in Rapid City, South Dakota.  Some of the dialogue that never made the edit and those that know Ethan are aware of, is that for a period of time he was a sponsored pro snowboarder and skater.  I have no doubt that the future is bright for him and his art…or what ever he puts his mind to.

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Visionary Ink
2120 W Main St #8
Rapid City, SD 57702