This is a personality video featuring Visionary Ink’s award winning tattoo artist and illustrator Brandon Garreau.

I remember this day well. We chose a day when the shop was closed so we would have no distractions. Although I could tell immediately that Brandon was already distracted in his mind. I had a feeling he would be nervous going into this shoot so I took the liberty of bringing along a 12 pack of his favorite beer. I gave him some time to calm down while I set up the lighting and cameras and opened up the interview with easy non threatening questions.  Although even with the beer and cigarettes (he must have smoked a pack that day) I could tell he was still visibly nervous. In this case and like others I like to keep the conversation light maybe talking about things I know will never make the edit but are crucial catalyst to relaxing the client.

Typically it takes our brain a few minutes of eye contact and casual conversation to realize that there is nothing to fear, we are just having a conversation.Setting up camera and lighting equipment in tattoo studio

At about 30 minutes into the interview I felt confidant Brandon was ready for the heavy hitter questions and man did he nail it.  I purposefully left in the natural pauses in the conversation to best illustrate his sincere personality.  It was an absolute pleasure working with Brandon on this piece, he is a very talented  artist and a cool guy to boot. Check out Brandons ongoing work through his social channels below.

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