Have you ever watched a film scene in slow motion and felt drawn into the scene as if the universe revolved around that moment? Or watched a time-lapse movie that really put the world in profound perspective?

The reality of “real time” binds us to our existence like gravity keeps us grounded on earth they are uncontrollable forces of nature.  Although with the advent of the camera we now have the ability to capture moments of time and play them back at whatever speed we deem appropriate. For me, there is a poetic beauty in time altering film a sort of divine paradigm of the world around us.

I have been a big fan of time-lapse photography for years now.  I followed Tom Lowe online as he was making Timescapes. I thought his use of motion control rigs and the images he was getting out of a DSLR where simply amazing.  It’s easy to se where his inspiration came from when you watch a film like Samsara or Baraka.

Think about all the moments you would like to see slowed down?. Your favorite part of the day, seeing your bride walk down the aisle on your wedding day or your Childs first steps. Now what about sped up? Traffic (Yes Please), the work day (another Yes), construction (O why not Yes).

I always say if I had a superpower I would want the power to control time. Luckily, with a camera in my hands I can at least pretend. Then the only question that remains is should I wear a cape?

Seriously though, I love to incorporate time-lapse elements in to my work I feel it ads a level of sophistication and polish to every piece. Check out this short timeline real I did back in 2012.  I can’t wait to get out and do another, if I can only find the time…