Adding depth and storyline to your wedding day film is easier than you think.

Below are a few ideas and tips to help in a strong plot that showcases your personality and exemplifies your special day. Recording a little bit of audio from a love letter or vows could be the anchor in your wedding film.

1. Toasts – If you want an awesome wedding film that stands out remember that the people that you choose to speak at your wedding will be recorded. Having a quality toast that’s is well written and delivered with passion can be a great story anchor or plot line for a cinematic wedding film. Sub Plot Opportunity – Often Ill ask a toast giver if they want to rehearse their speech during preparations. It gives them an opportunities to practice their speech out load (get the nerves out) and me the chance to film them doing so.

2. Gifts – In some cultures giving and receiving gifts on your wedding day is tradition.  And why not? Some people give and receive love via gifts. These occurrences are special and if this is your style it should be used in your wedding day story.

3. Letters – Did you ever past a note to a special someone, or leave a secret admirer message? A romantic wedding day letter to your loved one could be that extra something that says “I love you”.

4. First Look – In this day in age this is almost a must if you want to enjoy a more carefree wedding day.  Being able to knock out a lot of photography before your guests arrive is a great. It’s also a great moment to film, full of emotion and joy.

5. Write your own Vows – Your words tell your story more than anything. A little roll play incorporating re writing or going over your vows during preps is another great sub plot opportunity.

6. Lifestyle B-roll – The best way to capture your personality is to film you in your element. Daily routines, interaction with your pets or anything you enjoy to do together.  A “Save the Date” engagement video is the obvious best opportunity to film those activities although rehearsal dinner, or other candid shooting sessions could work to.